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Jon Burk


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Jon Burk

1997 - 2021

Jonathan Thomas Burk passed away in Taber on Saturday, August 14, 2021 at the age of 24 years.

The Funeral Service was held at the Evangelical Free Church, 5431 - 48 Avenue, Taber on Monday, August 16, 2021 at 1:00 P.M. A private burial service was held at Taber Memorial Garden.

Jon is survived by his mum Patty Greenshields of Calgary, dad Tom (Willow) Burk of Hinton, sister Emily (Kathryn) DeLucia Burk and brother Ethan Burk. He is also survived by his step siblings Alix (Chris) McArthur and their children Daniel, Verna Rose and Gideon, Robert Hormoth, Maddy (Mathew) Hanson and Jonny Hanson and by his loving grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Jon was an exceptionally extraordinary young man. Born in Chilliwack, British Columbia, he joined parents Tom and Patty and siblings Emily and Ethan in Chetwynd, British Columbia just before his second birthday. He brought a lot of excitement to his new siblings Emily and Ethan.

When Jon was three years old, the family moved to Nanaimo. Jon loved living by the ocean, spending many days building driftwood creations, pretend fishing and having lots and lots of adventures with various respite workers, some of which he only told us of years later. When he was ten, the family moved to Taber. Jon loved being a part of the school communities at DA Ferguson, WR Myers and Vauxhall High school where he graduated from in June 2015. He then spent his days with programming at Taber Special Needs, creating and inventing things as well. He participated in sports events through Southern Alberta Summer Games and was an avid cyclist.

Jon was always looking for a new project. Case in point, being his recent gazebo building. Somehow even though he was using a walker, he managed to purchase enough lumber for the project. He loved taking apart things but was never quite as skilled at putting them back together. Jon liked trading items and selling things, but in many instances it was unbalanced either in his favour or strongly the other way.

Jon loved jokes and playing them on people as well, although the recipient did not usually find it funny.

When he began living on his own, Jon would call dad and say “before you say no just hear me out... I’ve thought this through and it’s a good idea“, it was rarely a good idea. When Tom and Willow got married, Jon was super excited because he instantly became an uncle!

Jon loved holidays and all the preparation that was involved for them as well. He loved making homemade gifts for people and very thoughtfully chose out all his gifts.

Jon loved his crew of buddies Jordan, Josh, Travis and Willie who provided him with a special brotherhood. When Jon grew more tired, he was offered to move to Calgary with Mom and Ethan or Hinton with Dad and Willow. He chose to stay in Taber with his friends. The staff at Taber Special Needs became more than just service providers, they became family. Adam stuck with Jon through thick and thin and was stuck with trying to talk Jon out of his great ideas. Other people that made an impact in Jon’s life were Jeff, Morgan, Amy, Shelby, Stacy, Jean and many others. Also much appreciated were Rob, Faye and Krista who were blessed with saint-like patience. Jon’s beautiful soul and kind heart made it easy to overlook his shenanigans.

Perhaps the greatest gift he gave us all was his open heart and a hugely abundant love for life. Although his diagnosis in May 2019 came as a shock to all of us, he continued to embrace life and make as many happy memories as he could with everyone who knew him and loved him. Even during his recent hospitalization, he was still making jokes with the nurses, doctors and all the staff. Some of which could only be appreciated or understood by those who truly knew Jon.

Jon will be greatly missed, loved and remembered by his family and friends.

If friends so desire, memorial tributes in Jon’s name may be made directly to the Taber Fire Department (please make cheques payable to the Town of Taber), A - 4900 - 50 Street, Taber, Alberta T1G 1T1 or to the Taber Special Needs Society, 5206 - 47 Avenue, Taber, Alberta T1G 1R1.